My name is Adil Can. I am working as a Sr Solutions Architect in AWS.

I am trying to help customers on their challenging implementations, defining long term solution roadmaps for customers, and outlining best practices.

I am experienced on migrations/modernizations projects focused technologies regarding containers, and networking.

How to become a Certified AWS Engineer

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Today, with the widespread use of Cloud computing technologies, cloud certificates have become crucial to get for system and network administrators which leads them to find new opportunities. Especially since Amazon AWS Partners have to have a certain number of certified engineers to increase their partner level, they are looking to have more certified engineers to provide consultancy to their customers.

That’s why AWS certificates will always benefit you for both your career and personal development.

First of all, let us talk about the types and details of AWS Certificates.

Cloud Practitioner, which is the Foundational level certificate as a first start, is a good certification for the entry level and provides general information about the cloud architecture.

The second level is, Associate level certificates which will then go into the details of AWS services. Solution architect is an architectural and design certification in general understanding for all AWS Services, SysOps Administrator is mainly related with operational tasks, while developer is mostly asked about software and DevOps engineers.

After passing all associate level certifications, you may go for Professional certifications. These are certificates that can be obtained at least 2-3 years of technical deep experience and intensive work in the relevant departments. Based on your business area, you may go for more detailed certificates in certain parts such as network-based or security, which we call Specialty.

The best start point is examining the content, exam guide and sample questions of the certificate you will receive all information from Amazon AWS site.

As an example for Solution Architect Certificate :

In AWS Certification exams, questions come in single choice (usually 4-5 answers) and multiple choice. There are 65-80 questions according to the exam type and you have to make at least 720 points over a minimum of 1000 points. You can find these details in the exam guide.

There are a lot of resources for studying on AWS Certification, it is better to make hands-on labs to topics that are covered in the trainings. On AWS, you can open a 1-year free account to do these hands-on from the link below.;src=header_signupu0026amp;

It is possible to reach all the trainings by getting acloudguru ( or annual membership for certificate trainings. At the time I wrote this article, acquired linuxacademy, I expect that these sites will be merged soon.

Then it is important to understand sample questions and question patterns. You can get whizlabs training from the link below.

This is a long and tough journey, but if you study hard you will be successful.

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